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Welcome to Marketing English: Integrating Language with Marketing Strategy

In the dynamic world of marketing, clear and persuasive communication is essential. Our Marketing English course is specifically designed for graduate students specializing in marketing, focusing on enhancing your ability to articulate marketing strategies and concepts effectively in both writing and speech. This course goes beyond basic English proficiency; it’s about merging your language skills with your marketing acumen.

Our curriculum is uniquely structured to enhance your written and oral expression, specifically through the creation of job search tools and participation in mock interviews. You will develop a professional portfolio, including résumés and cover letters tailored for the marketing industry, and refine these documents to articulate your skills and experiences effectively. Additionally, we incorporate mock interviews to simulate real-world scenarios, helping you master the art of verbal communication, answer challenging questions with confidence, and present yourself as a strong candidate in the marketing field. This approach ensures you are well-prepared for the job market, with polished communication skills that stand out to potential employers.

Join us to elevate your communication skills, ensuring your marketing ideas have a lasting impact in the global business environment.

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