English Grammar Quiz Purpose

This quiz helps evaluate the student’s comfort with English Grammar. It helps get an idea of where each student stands at the start of the course.

Basic English Grammar illustration in art deco style.
Grammar exercise

Welcome to your English Grammar Basics quiz

You have 30 minutes to complete the 64 questions.

This quiz is meant to evaluate your mastery of some basic grammar rules.

The quiz is timed. So make sure to:

  • SUBMIT your answers before the time is expired, and
  • click SAVE QUIZ regularly.

Good luck!

English Grammar Basics:

-Best score: 

Justine - 62 Points

-Second best score:

Medhamila - 62 Points

-Third best score:

Vince2101 - 60 Points

-Fourth best score:

antoine longuevre - 59 Points

-Fith best score:

Medhamila - 57 Points

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