English, Marketing, and Business Communication courses designed to help students develop the ability to analyze and present results clearly with sound argumentation.

An ongoing changing business environment

“The Great Fear of Autonomy”

Young managers may experience what Eric Le Boucher describes as: “The Great Fear of Autonomy”. Le Boucher is co-founder of On July 7th, 2016, he wrote: people fear change because they focus on souvenirs and memories. He also reminds us that while new value is created, what used to be vanishes.

Le Boucher then compares today’s economy to the industrial revolution. He concludes: this is a time of hope for young managers able to embrace change. But a time of fear for others.

Skills and know-how brace young managers for change

People accept change if they understand what is coming ahead. But, new technology, foreign languages, and unfamiliar colleagues may bring new processes. The resulting change can be perceived as a constraint. However, adapting to change is a necessity.

But change may come with meaning. It may also provide meaning. In this case, young managers adapt better. Just see how the young generations nurture their smartphones.

Be-in-Charge believes the mastering of tasks and know-how that help get work done faster, help free the mind to create more medium to long-term value.

young managers overwhelmed
Helping focus on the bigger picture.

Communication for Managers

Save time and gain efficiency when communicating in English!

  • Understand and learn the rules of communicating for managers.
  • Build goodwill through your communication.
  • Be ready to answer any questions at work

Interactive slideshows

This entry-level slideshow mixes theory, examples, and exercises. Developed for Epita’s engineering students, it breaks down business writing principles.

Students get instant feedback on their exercises.

Business English for Managers

Learn the vocabulary specific to your industry

  • Get familiar with different international English accents.
  • Learn the vocabulary specific to your industry.
  • Brush up on your grammar basics.

Interactive slideshows

This video integrates “fill-in the blanks” questions. This exercise is developped for DistriSup students at IAE-Paris1-Sorbonne.

The exercise forces the students to listen to everyday English, and to transcribe what they hear, until the spelling is correct. This exercise trains for listening comprehension.

Students get instant feedback on their exercises.

Marketing for Managers

Start bench-marking your industry!

  • See how marketing principles apply to real-life situations.
  • Apply marketing principles to your industry.
  • Review marketing principles.

Interactive slideshows

This entry-level slideshow mixes theory, examples, and exercises. Developed for Epitech’s IT students, it focuses on Marketing as a management tool.

Students get instant feedback on their exercises.

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Self-learning courses

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Coaching is available

Whether virtually or in the classroom, a tutor is available for optional guidance.

Meet the founder and lead Instructional Designer

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet spent 14 years in Anglo-Saxon countries, among which, about 7 in the United States of America.  And 7 in Singapore as a child.

Anne-Pierre teaches business topics in English at la Sorbonne since 2007. He holds an MBA from the Olin Graduate School at Babson College. Babson is one of the most prestigious business-focused Colleges in New England.

Anne-Pierre owns solid experience teaching. He continuously strives to adjust teaching techniques for future managers. He developed his know-how in the classrooms of French Universities and Grandes Ecoles. Anne-Pierre’s know-how could just be what your organization needs.