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Communication for Managers is part of Business Communication.

How to lead with communication for managers

Managers who need to exchange will generally use English. The course provides tools to help communicate more efficiently.

target market, efficient memo

Marketing Principles Applied by Successful IT Companies

The course “Marketing Principles” is developed using carefully curated key marketing concepts. Examples from the Internet and the real world illustrate those concepts.

Job search: résumé, curriculum-vitae, and cover-letter

How to build job search tools that stand out

The approach presented here is based on 3 dimensions. Your Job Search Tools should: reflect who you are, unveil who you are, and explicit how well you and the company match.

Health Economics course illustration

English for Health Economics Managers in a global industry

The course's two goals are to improve students' ability to articulate a thought in writing and orally. And, to prepare students for their "Comparative Study" presentation and report.

Shop, retail English

English for Retail Managers in a globalized urban store

Today, because of globalization retail managers in urban environments need be able to communicate in English. In addition, to climb the corporate ladder those managers will need English as the language of business.


Marketing principles or marketing management for IT experts

English for Marketing Managers

Because English is the ruling language in the field of marketing, English for Marketing Managers is built on two goals: improve students' ability to articulate a thought in writing and orally. And to prepare students for various business situations.

An agile mind adapts to any situation

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