Banking English: Its Goal

A risk-free on-the-job on-boarding by

  • Gaining in listening and in reading comprehension on industry topics.
  • Studying some vocabulary.
  • Studying some key grammatical points.


The Methodology

This Banking English class emerges students in a 100% English-speaking environment. It aims at preparing students for a business world where English is ubiquitous. To achieve this goal, this class offers to improve students’ ability to understand everyday written and spoken business English.
In addition, the class focuses on TOEIC exam preparation. It uses text as well as audio documents. Documents come from the international press, as well as from universities and international organizations.
The class also brushes on grammar basics. Reviewing essential grammar points helps level students and prepare for TOEIC.
Helping students prepare for the TOEIC exam constitutes the core of the class. This is achieved by focusing on a method to approach each exercise. Applying the methodology. students train to remain focused throughout the exercise. This is all the more essential to success than TOEIC includes 200 questions delivered over a straight two-hour period.

Banking English Evaluation:

Students will receive four grades for a total of 100% of 20. The breakdown of grading is as follows:
-70%: an individual MCQ-Final Exam, meant to evaluate grammar and listening comprehension.
-10%: oral participation. This means: active participation.
-20%: Online/in-class exercises (only exercises done outside of the classroom will be taken into account).

Who is this course for?

Young managers willing to join the banking industry.

Further reading and listening:

To improve your banking English vocabulary, read and listen to articles and podcasts from:

  • The Wall Street Journal:
  • National Public Radio podcasts:
  • The International Monetary Fund podcasts:
  • The Singapore Management University:
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Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet


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