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Quantitative English: its Goals

Quantitative English has two primary goals. First, to enable students to improve their ability to articulate a thought in writing and orally. Second, to help prepare students for their “Final Project” presentation and report.

The Methodology

Gaining the ability to articulate a thought is done through the study of documents. Those are texts as well as audio documents. Documents are taken from the international press but also are produced by universities or international organizations.

A review of grammar points is also proposed for students in need of a refresher. Helping students prepare for the final “Comparative Study” will take different aspects. One will be to articulate the roadmap or table of content for their comparative study and write-up the corresponding introduction. Another exercise will be to work on the design principles of PowerPoint presentations.

A last exercise is in-class participation, where students must articulate their answers to listening and reading comprehension exercises. Another goal of this class is to help students prepare and build their job search tools: the résumé and the cover letter.

The course aims for 2 outcomes

First, to help students fluidify their oral and written expression.
• Using podcasts, students will focus on grammar and vocabulary, as well as pronunciation and intonation.
• Third, to help students prepare for their “Final Project” project, where a PowerPoint presentation and a 20+ page report are required.


Students must come to class ready to work on the exercises of the day. Those exercises will be available on the course website.
Students will need to create an account on the website. Do so, using the information on the student presence sheet.
On the website, students will be able to:
• Access the documents and the class calendar,
• Contact Anne-Pierre,
• Access grammar points and exercises for self-evaluation.
The website is our point of contact beyond the classroom.

Student must come to class with a computer, access to the Internet, and headphones.


Students will receive four grades for a total of 100% of 20. The breakdown of grading is as follows:
-30%: an individual MCQ-Final Exam, meant to evaluate grammar and listening comprehension.
-40%: Final Project defense (PowerPoint – oral presentation – written report)
-10%: oral participation. This means: active participation.
-10%: oral presentations. Student Teams will present a Slide Show, when answering the question of the day.
-10%: Online/in-class exercises.

Students may also gain bonus points by doing quizzes in the Grammar section. For each grade above 15/20, they will receive 0.05 points added to the Final English grade. Those quizzes must be taken before 26/06/24.

a classroom with Quantitative English students focused on a presentation.
Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet


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