Our approach to instructional design for Language Training and Introduction to Marketing is illustrated by the quizzes on this page. Videos or podcasts constitute the foundation of a quiz. The quiz serves as a pretext to introduce other topics and exercises. The types of quizzes may vary.

The most frequently built quiz type is a fill-in the blank type. Here students listen to an audio or watch a video while reading the transcript with blanks of the conversation. Students must fill the blanks with the correct words from the document.

To do so, students can use a dictionary. Consequently, students are focused on listening comprehension as well as checking grammar and spelling. Usually, the exercise consists in providing elements of vocabulary that the student can identify in the audio, as it unfolds.

Another type of exercise focuses on grammar. The questions ask students about the use of a specific verb tense, preposition, etc. Another exercise focuses on the structure of ideas in a document. This brings students to consider the hierarchy of arguments. Another type of exercise brings students to reflect on the style adopted in the document and what the author or interviewee is trying to achieve by adopting such a style.

These are the ingredients to our magic recipe for vocabulary and grammar acquisition. We understand that these exercises help build listening and reading comprehension abilities simultaneously. Furthermore, we noticed that this approach is particularly effective with geeky populations.

In conclusion, we believe that building reading and listening comprehension ability is even more essential in our technologically dominated world. This is a world where everybody owns a pocket-touch-screen, and where populations are lured away from books in a constant and instant satisfaction frenzy. As a result, people tend to avoid questioning what they are not familiar with. We encourage all to start thinking for themselves, to BE IN CHARGE!

An agile mind adapts to any situation

Courses and exercises are mobile friendly, so that you can learn on the go!

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