Communication for Managers

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About Course

Business Communication for Managers offers a set of tools.

Who are those tools for?

Managers who need to improve their communication skills can use those tools to build goodwill and save time. The skilled manager will save time when writing memos, when writing reports, and when designing slide-show presentations. That manager will design better campaigns and documents.

What is included in Business Communication for Managers?

Business Communication for Managers includes use cases. Each use case places the student in the shoes of a manager. The manager always needs something from someone.

Students must evaluate the manager’s documents. They must then try to improve the documents. Use cases are real-life examples from a typical executive’s career. In the first use case, the manager deals with his or her hierarchy.

In the second, the manager deals with prospects. In the last, the manager must convince an audience. To do so, the manager does a slideshow presentation.

For each use case, students must first identify the manager’s goal. Students must then compare the document to its goal. And finally, students must evaluate how effectively the document reaches the goal.

How do use cases help understand Business Communication for Managers?

Each use case presents a concept and a methodology. The concept clarifies the structure of the document. The methodology helps work faster. There are many benefits to using those. First, the manager can identify the needed information faster. Second, the manager can design better documents. Third, the manager builds goodwill.

The concept and the methodology build a common business language framework. Documents are standardized. So is their structure. The standards help process information faster.

Standards help present arguments more clearly. Using those documents, managers can take decisions more quickly. Soon, they learn to trust the sender and tend to consider the source to be reliable. Because the methodology focuses on reaching a goal, it helps save time. The truth is, that using communication tools helps design better business documents.

What about talking in front of an audience?

Business Communication for Managers also aims at freeing the mind of the speaker when speaking in public. In such a situation, a speaker has to deal with several things simultaneously: an audience, some equipment, and a slide show.

A well-designed slide show helps keep the audience focused. It also helps prepare for any material problem. The speaker will achieve a well-designed slide show by making sure the information presented is clear, correct, meaningful, and coherent.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Save time when communicating in English.
  • Build goodwill through communication.
  • Prepare for new work situations.

Course Content

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  • Grading
  • Class Philosophy

Communication for Managers as a Tool
Topics include: the sender and the recipient of a message, the English used, humor at work, building goodwill, writing with a goal.

Writing short memos
Deciding on the goal the memo needs to reach, and organizing the arguments to support the goal.

Writing reports and the executive summary
The structure of a formal report. Choosing and organizing information and visuals. Writing the report. The executive summary.

Designing slide shows
Principles of designing slide shows for purpose and goal. Designing slides to help present in public.

Presenting in public
Speaking in public: overcoming stress and building goodwill with the audience.

Final exam

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