Communication for Managers

Communication for Managers is for managers who communicate frequently with teams, suppliers, and customers around the world. In such a context, conversations and messages are in English. And such conversations are destined to people who do not necessarily share the same language.
Therefore, the question arises: how to make sure both ends of the conversation understand each other and communicate efficiently?

Communication for Managers to an international audience

Communication for Managers helps achieve leadership

A manager who knows how to say what he or she has to say will be able to achieve shared tasks faster. This is because the format of the message drives the content and the meaning clearly and concisely. As a result, time is saved of both ends of the conversation.

Chapter 1 : Communication for Managers as a Tool

Topics include: the sender and the recipient of a message, the English used, humor at work, building goodwill, writing with a goal.

3 hours.

Chapter 2 : Writing short memos

Deciding on the goal the memo needs to reach, and organizing the arguments to support the goal.

3 hours.

Chapter 3 : Writing Reports and the Executive Summary

The structure of a formal report. Choosing and organizing information and visuals. Writing the report. The executive summary.

3 hours.

Chapter 4 : Designing Slide Shows

Principles of designing slide shows for purpose and goal. Designing slides to help present in public.

3 hours.

Chapter 5 : Presenting in Public

Speaking in public: overcoming stress and building goodwill with the audience.

3 hours.

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet teaches business topics in English at la Sorbonne since 2007.

He spent 14 years in Anglo-Saxon countries, among which, about 7 in the United-States of America. He holds an MBA from Babson, one of the most prestigious business focused Colleges in New England.

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