Communication for Managers 15 hours

Originally designed for IT engineers, Communication for Managers is meant to help managers communicate more efficiently in an international English speaking workplace.

Chapter 1 : Communication for Managers as a Tool

Topics include: the sender and the recipient of a message, the English used, humor at work, building goodwill, writing with a goal.

3 hours.

Chapter 2 : Writing short memos

Deciding on the goal the memo needs to reach, and organizing the arguments to support the goal.

3 hours.

Chapter 3 : Writing Reports and the Executive Summary

The structure of a formal report. Choosing and organizing information and visuals. Writing the report. The executive summary.

3 hours.

Chapter 4 : Designing Slide Shows

Principles of designing slide shows for purpose and goal. Designing slides to help present in public.

3 hours.

Chapter 5 : Presenting in Public

Speaking in public: overcoming stress and building goodwill with the audience.

3 hours.

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet teaches business topics in English at la Sorbonne since 2007.

He spent 14 years in Anglo-Saxon countries, among which, about 7 in the United-States of America. He holds an MBA from Babson, one of the most prestigious business focused Colleges in New England.

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