Business English

Business English learning using listening comprehension and online tools
Business English is a selection of English courses. Listening comprehension exercises constitute the core of those courses.

The courses prepare students, who are completing their higher education, to enter the job-market.

Courses offer a practicle approach to English with hand-picked podcasts, videos, and articles.

Each document illustrates a specific industry topic. Students dive into the topic by completing exercises.

Listening Comprehension Exercises aim at achieving two goals.

First, by mimicking the TOEIC style listening comprehension exercises, the LCEs prepare for TOEIC.

Second, by also helping students focus on their listening-writing or ear-to-hand coordination.


We believe this is a fundamental exercise to acquire a language.

Health Economics

This course prepares students for their final 20 minute presentation and 15 page report write-up.

It offers a collection of articles and podcasts used for writing exercises and in-class discussions.

30 hours.

Retail English

This is a 2 group course. For group one, this class is a refresher and students benefit from this course by displaying an improved English level.

For group two, this class is a refresher of the English basics: grammar and vocabulary. The challenge is to prepare both groups for the same 10 minute final presentation and written exam.

24 hours.

Quantitative English

This course prepares students for their final 20 minute presentation and 40 page report.

The course essentially relies on podcasts.  The exercises offered to students are mainly of the “fill in the blank” kind. Here, students must reproduce what they are listening to. This prepares students for a global world where the English spoken takes many forms.

Students also produce multiple short write-ups. Those short essays bring the students to focus on a the topic from the podcast. they just listened to. 

24 hours.

Marketing English

This course fully prepares future Research Executives to work in global environments.

Students work on documents meant to test their listening and reading comprehension ability. Students also produce many short write-ups. Those exercises prepare students for their final 15 minute group presentations.

60 hours.

Banking English

This course is a essentially TOEIC exam preparation.

Preparation is first done using reading and listening comprehension exercises based on a selection of articles and podcasts. This brings the students on par with the technique required to pass the test.

Preparation then brushed up using various TOEIC tests found over the Internet. This is an opportunity to cover grammar points. It is also the opportunity to put the student in test stress situations. 

24 hours.

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet

Anne-Pierre de Peyronnet teaches business topics in English at la Sorbonne since 2007.

He spent 14 years in Anglo-Saxon countries, among which, about 7 in the United-States of America. He holds an MBA from Babson, one of the most prestigious business focused Colleges in New England.

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